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Totally Invisible is a Belgian artist who creates F/M rendered spanking art, among other genres.

In Totally Invisible's sort-of femdom images, husbands are normally shown being spanked either 1) fully clothed (but with the trousers and pants pulled down to reveal the buttocks), 2) just with underpants pulled down or 3) naked. The images are normally constructed using Daz3D or Poser.

Totally Invisible's artwork normally depicts husbands receiving spankings from their wives. The wives are normally young in appearance, with the husbands being both young and old. The husbands tend to be heavily built men who submit to their spankings willingly or semi-willingly. Sex normally follows a spanking and pregnant wives are often shown spanking husbands.

It is not clear whether Totally Invisible is open to or doing custom artwork.