Buttocks stuck in wall

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Ass stuck in wall (壁尻) is a Japanese term in BDSM fiction for a scene—e.g. in a story, drawing, rendered art or animated cartoon—in which a character's body is passed through an opening in a wall so that they are stuck. Their buttocks are exposed on one side of the wall and unable to move. In this humiliating position of bondage, the character can be subjected to punishment (e.g. spanking), rape, masturbation and/or other abuse.

This type of bondage is technically related to the pillory and the stocks, but with a focus on the buttocks. It also allows the objectification and dehumanization of the subject by showing only a certain part of their body and hiding the rest, including their face. The subject is also unable to see who is doing what to them on the other side of the wall.


  1. The character's waist is passed through a hole so that their buttocks, genitals and legs are on one side of the wall and their chest, arms and head are on the other side of the wall. The character can be standing or their feet can be dangling.
  2. Only the character's buttocks and genitals are passed through the hole, but their legs are on the same side as their upper body.
  3. Like #2, but the character's hands and feet are passed through other holes.